Sex doll composition of materials

The wear rate would be faster than anticipated if the consistency of the material/fabric of the bought apparel is poor. In addition, the life of the dolls would also be influenced by the various raw material formulations for dolls manufactured by different producers. They are more durable than dolls made of other materials, while silicone and TPE are pricey. Therefore, use silicone or TPE for as long a service life as possible when choosing a doll.

Cleanliness of Sex Doll

You do not have the habit of constantly washing clothing. However, please be prepared for the responsibility of properly washing the doll if you intend to purchase a sex doll. Failure to disinfect the doll can allow the buildup of bacteria, rendering the doll dangerous to use.

Storage Sex Doll

The way the doll is stored also has a great effect on the wellbeing and longevity of the doll. Pressure dents can occur on the body of the doll, causing cracks and tears. More susceptible to dents are the sides, shoulders, and elbows. Thus, please pay attention to the doll's storage requirements.

This certainly illustrates that if you take proper care of your sex doll and pay heed to the aforementioned points, the life expectancy can be longer (at least 2 to 10 years). In the other hand, you will not even be able to use it for longer than a year if you handle it poorly.


How long will they have a sex doll?

For most individuals, the fulfillment of their dreams is never easy. The definition of spiritual fulfillment and enjoyment has changed entirely, however, with the advent of Realistic Sex Doll. Today, the value of judging themselves has been understood by individuals. These individuals tend to get along with a sex doll, so it will offer them better pleasure and fulfillment. The market for sex dolls has finally risen.

Only buying, though, is not enough. It is important to consider how long a doll can be kept and how to prolong its life, since this is a big investment. The basic time period that determines the precise lifetime of the doll does not have a specific definition. Factors such as the doll's washing, the fabrics made and the conditions of storage, however, have a direct effect on the life of the sex doll.

Some main factors shaping the lifetime of sex dolls are:

Frequency and use of sex dolls

The length of the sex doll depends on the doll's level of use. Various parts of the doll can wear out easily if used for a long time. Any pieces can also break off if the doll is not constructed from high-quality materials. This is why pieces of certain dolls are removable or replaceable.

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